Carmina Aeternum

Carmina Aeternum


As I am facing the silent agonies of my soul

I contemplate the eternity of my destinies

Multiple Paths across infinites multiverses

All explored multiple times on the quest of the Lost


The Lost, of the Primordial Time, Painfully Taken Away

Agonising Separation of the Only, Eternal Quest to Fill The Void

My Destinies were one, Find what has been lost and so alive in my Core

The Goal of my Eternity is The Surrender of my Soul to the One and Unique.


Astonishing was the Pleasure was to have finally found her

Hidden and Protected on a Remote Realm. Her beauty Inspiring Creation Itself

Her Kindness shaping the core destiny of her Light Shadow Universe.

I recognized her by her Halo which did not fade from the Original Moment

Her Voice Singing Incantation as Melodies to her Surrounding Elements

She Kept herself in the shadows to avoid releasing to much of her Infinite Light


She Felt Her Eternal and Turned towards Me,

Salty Pearls rising from her Pure Eyes.

But, this reunion was of the purest ethereal, a blessed event given to few

For one must have the wisdom to endure its curse.


This so sublime moment of eternity cannot be real,

Only a glimpse of what could have been

Eternal damnation of the Games of the Gods 

But destiny had been tricked; I was able to deposit my Shard

In the safe and blessed emplacement of her heart

The Gift of Pure darkness to Light

Equilibrium was now broken


During my slow descent into the Void of darkness,

I had this vision in my soul alive at each steps, each breath

As they were separating us physically, they were keeping us alive ethereally

This certitude gave me the courage to continue and endure what had to be


Now that my end is near, I can say to you my love,

that I may have never hum your perfume

may have never hold your hands,

may never have put my dark wings around your shoulders


I may have never hold you tight to give you comfort and strength

But, I my soul, I have done much more and I know you can feel it.

I gave back so much of my salty pearls to mother earth

That my eyes are dried forever

I reopened so many wounds that the Crimson Nectar has finally drained

I fight so much that my strength is gone.


But, my love I want you to know that you have always been cherished

That during all that was, my inspiration was you, my will was you

And, as I am fading from this Realm, my comfort is the Shard I gave you

Which will light  and dance everyday around you

As our flames used to

And, in my last breath, I will see the smile on your face when you will look at them.



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    • Thank you Marjabelle for taking the time to read this and for the kind comments.

      I am glad you liked it and felt the deepens of its contents.

      Be Blessed

  • This is lovely, but very sad!

    • Thank You Mystic to have taken the time to read it and for the comment.

      Unfortunately, yes, it is sad. Most of my writting are :(  

      Be Blessed

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