• Funny I thought I had posted this article but couldn't remember where I had found it or where I placed it. I am thinking it was in herbs! Great job finding it again Mystic! <3

    • Yes, I remembered the post too but could not remember what group it was in, it was really difficult to locate it as we now have no search bar. I have looked into installing one but haven't found one that works yet, the google one didn't work and i have tried a few others as well, will keep looking though!

  • Hello Mark, yes I know there is still a little disruption here, and there is still no search bar, I am told by the people who provide the platform that we use to bring you this site that they are working on it and hope to have a search bar in the near future.

    I also have quite a few more groups to organise, can yu remember what group these recipes were in.

    I will have a look round at some of the groups were this sort of discussion might have been placed and get back to you.

    Thanks for your patience....

This reply was deleted.
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