While rainbows rarely occur, most people would have already spotted them before—but very few would have seen ‘moonbows’—which are rainbows that appear at night. 

According to My Modern Met, they only occur under very specific conditions in the moonlight—the best chance of catching a moonbow is when the moon is at “its brightest (near to or at a full moon) and lowest against a dark and rainy winter night sky”.

Even if all the stars are aligned for a moonbow to materialize, the window for viewing it is only a short two to three hours period right before sunrise.

Thanks to a group of photographers who chase after these lovely apparitions, we can still view them even if we are not at the right place at the right time.

[via So Super Awesome]

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  • WOW THESE ARE AWESOME!!!  I never have heard of these so thank you Mystic for sharing this wonderful sight!  Now I know what to look for and when.  I am up so early that I will be up at the right time now I just need the right conditions!  This is awesome!  I wonder why I have never heard of it before?

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Well ~~~ I guess You knew I'd love this ~~~

    Thanks Ariadne ~~~   ;  )


  • I have witnessed a Moonbow, they are awesome.

    Have you ever seen a snow halo, they appear around a persons body in high altitude when there is lots of snow, they are also really awesome!

    This one was taken at the top of Schiehallion (Which comes from the Gaelic Sìdh Chailleann, which translates as 'Fairy Hill of the Caledonians') Reaching the top of Schiehallion was one of my finest moments which was made even more special by me witnessing a snow halo!


    • This is awesome too!  what a great phenomina or however you spell it lol.  I hope you know what I was trying to say lol.

  • Really nice photography and I love the rainbows - Blessings - Jim (Shadow Walker)

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