I live in Australia and our seasons are opposite you yours so we celebrate things a little differently down under LOL

Here are some links to sites that show how some down under celebrate the Wheel of the Year in Australia, in keeping with the seasonal intent.

In Australia we are celebrating the Summer solstice  which is traditionally  the Litha

Lammas - Summer Solstice

Midsummer: Summer Solstice- Litha.

June 20 - 23 Northern Hemisphere / December 20 - 23 Southern Hemisphere.

How ever some still celebrate Yule at this time of year. It depends on the preferences of the ones celebrating. SO we are a little mixed up down here.


Personally I like to celebrate Litha as it seems appropriate to the season of summer and acknowledges the fruits of the harvest. It fits with the Chinese wheel too, that is part of the honouring of the elements that I dance.

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  • Of course...Banging my head against the wall...Ouch!

    I know this and usually remember to leave appropriate posts for our friends in the southern hemisphere, please accept my apologies and also blessings for Litha/Summer Solstice~

    Much love and respect ~Mystic~x

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