What a Witch Cannot Live Without

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There's a Facebook group called "Witches of Ohio," that posts a question of the week. A recent question was "Name three things a Witch cannot live without." Most of the responses involved material objects used as magical tools. My response was "stories, stories, stories." The following is my elaboration:

My favorite “Twilight Zone” was a genie in the bottle story. Only this genie granted just one wish, instead of the usual three. The man who discovered the genie knew he had better carefully think through his one wish, before he made it. Fortunately, he had a good imagination, and could anticipate things that might go wrong with any choice (fame, fortune, love, power, etc.). At the end of the story, his one wish was to become the genie himself. His first act as the genie was to increase the number of wishes back to three, so people could make mistakes.

When Dorothy encountered the Wizard of Oz, she heard a man shout out (from behind a curtain) “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain!” To me, that scene is a metaphor for growing up, and losing our innocence. Almost everything I have trusted (relationships, belief systems, gurus, therapists, etc.) has turned out to be a manipulation of a man behind a curtain. There are ooky-spooky mystics who tell us that all life is an illusion, and that therefore we are best off turning our backs to the material world, so we can contemplate what they think is real. I suspect there is a man behind a curtain manipulating their illusions as well.

I’ve decided, in line with that “Twilight Zone” episode, that I want to be the man behind the curtain, pulling the strings and levers, to support the illusions that give my life meaning. I don’t need to borrow from a priest or a guru to create my illusions – I am more than competent at creating my own. But I think it’s only polite, to look at other people’s illusions, to see if there is something I might like. Isn’t that what we do, when we listen to stories?

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  • Love the idea of "no longer behind the curtain." Three things I couldn't live without are 1) my books, old and new they open my imagination and keep my ever curious mind flowing with constant stimulus of learning - knowledge is so powerful 2) my daughter - although I'm wise enough not to rely on human factors, she is my world and the best creation I've had the privilege to be involved in -so grateful, and 3) my inner strength and ambitions that without, I would have nothing. The ability to see and strive is a priceless commodity that I view as a gift.
  • I couldn't live without my computer it is my connection to so much in my life including my craft.  It is my book of correspondences which is the basis for all my spells and my way of keeping in touch with my friends since I don't have any real ones outside my computer.  You all know me better than anyone else.

    I couldn't live with out my books on magick.  I learn so much from them either what to do or what not to do by my own interpretation.

    I couldn't live without my Mr Kitty.  He is my partner in almost everything lol. 

    There's more but you said 3 hahaha

    • Lol, yes i had difficulty with only three things as well, and yes I agree about the computer, well laptop for me but same thing really.

      • lol yeah it's very difficult to pick only 3 but that's what I HAD to come up with so....  I like yours too Mystic and everyones' yes we are all individuals but we have one important thing in common - MAGICK and then it can differ from one witch to another lol  but it is one thing we all do have in common.

  • Well, we witches are all individuals, therefore the things we feel we cannot live without will be as varied as we are. I like your answer though, although I think it may be cheating just a wee bit to have all three as one......

    I'm really not sure what my three things would be, I mean it would most certainly be my companions (that being my animals and my hubby), secondly my phone maybe, I don't know, I mean I could live without it but I do rely on it for keeping in touch with family, as well as to take photos and get on the internet so iti s a useful piece of kit, thirdly I think my crystals, I love my crystals.

    Be interesting to hear what others think they cannot live without!

    Thanks for sharing Larry!

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