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A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells,& Lore of Beltane.

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~Beltane Fire Festival 2013 Video Compilations~

Published on 1 May 2013 The modern Beltane Fire Festival is inspired by the ancient Gaelic festival of Beltane, which began on the evening before 1 May and marked the beginning of summer. Beltane Fire Festival 2013 We Raise A Toast The main purpose of the Green Man is observed by all at the Festival, and is shown through a 'death/rebirth' or 'sacrifice/resurrection' ritual at the end of the procession. This is representative of the old giving way to the new, of a leading figure giving up…

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~Beltane Bannocks - Scottish Oatcakes~

In parts of Scotland, the Beltane bannock is a popular custom. It's said that if you eat one on Beltane morning, you'll be guaranteed abundance for your crops and livestock. Traditionally, the bannock is made with animal fat (such as bacon grease), and it is placed in a pile of embers, on top of a stone, to cook in the fire. Once it's blackened on both sides, it can be removed, and eaten with a blend of eggs and milk. This recipe doesn't require you to build a fire, and you can use butter…

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