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  • Druidic Prayer from Brittany for Imbolc'h/Imbolc/Candlemas :

    During your celebration of said Imbolc a lantern or a candle has the hand:

    " - By Lady Kerridwen it is the ladies who set but the night secrets there.
    By Lady Scota, cover the Celtic moors of her protective shade, wrap in its tartan, a lit candle, indicate us the path...

    The ladies are there, it is in the hands of all the Ladies who rests the responsibility to pass on the returning Light. 
    Brighidh and the vouivre are quite two our teacher we transmetent their knowledge by the flame and by the apple this noble winter fruit.
    This day of Imbolc is a magic day, and this evening, sacred evening, a night or the purification of the Old Gods squeezed has the work in the Nature and in our lives. 
    Imbolc is the Druidic party of the resurgence of powerful positive energies.

    Outside is the circle of the men...
    Inside is the circle of the women...
    Outside for the fighters and the hunters.
    Inside for the medicine and everything the benefactions of the life and the flame of the kindness which bring us the women, it is at the heart of this inner circle that take place the mysteries.

    1 = The mystery of the darkness where from is born the light.
    2 = The mystery of the ignorance where from the knowledge calls up.
    3 = The mystery of the death which engenders the revival.

    It is the Goddess Ana who pulls the light of the space that is the darkness.
    It is thus has you, dear Lady Ana to fire as it is advisable, the light of the darkness.

    It is the Goddess Brighidh who makes that stops the time of the ignorance so that épagnouissent the apples of the knowledge.
    It is thus has you dear Lady Brighidh take in hand to make it admire has all the sacred apple.
    Magic book which we are going to consume it is with pleasure that we eat or shall drink of this fruit crowned in the form of cider or of apple juice.

    It is the Goddess Kerridwen who plunges the desperate person, the painful, the afflicted, into the cauldron of the death to present him the crystalline Grail of the revival.

    However the Old Gods, the Great Goddess in the form of Vouivre or the Druidism he even will impose has nobody to be cut according to the conformity of the dogmae or the opinions.
    It is has each to run away he even and to find it by removing from him even what as it percoit to be the non-essentials of him …

    This day and this night are crowned or Brighidh reigns in mistress, all will have the privilege of the unveiling of knowledge by receiving the heat of the Candles of Brighidh Beautiful Lady of the fire.

    Let us listen all what she has to tell us!
    In our dreams.
    Nobody should dread the élémentaux of night.
    White Saie which we carry imposes the respect on élémentaux.
    However, this respect, we have to deserve him by our acts and by us prayers and our spells.
    Much more the women have to, by their powers, their loves and their knowledge, protect these élementaux which surround us.
    Without them, our planet Earth which is our cradle and our house would be more than a dessert and worse a cemetery.

    To listen to you who as me carry in your heart the Druidic idealism.
    It is the Ladies who as the Goddess Ana enrich the original darkness of the beautiful and triumphant Light.
    It is thus Ana who protects the powers of the creation.
    It is the Ladies who as the Goddess Kerridwen accept the opening of the stone, whom is the death of the body so that quite this revival to the white world irradiates.
    Kerridwen is the protector, love which regenerates the deaths.
    It is the Ladies who as the Goddess Brighidh, rule outof the veils of the ignorance to offer the apple of the knowledge has all those who wish for it with sincerity and who are ready has to assume him with courage and kindness.
    Let us know honored that creations stopped of étre in the darkness by the virtue of three shouts of white light.

    "O"" Is Awen, all the spiritual beings whatever is their material form, and love which is their brilliance.
    "I" is the truth, which acquires itself by the process of knowledge.
    "OU" is freedom which every Druid owes protected has any price because she is the guarantor for the transmission of knowledge.
    The sun needs, too, to dive back periodically into the rest and the memory of the ancient times.
    To be reborn in brilliant lights.

    We have to agree at first to know the shade. Because the darkness is the memory of the original darckness which reigned before beings throw their three shouts of white light, by penetrating into the material and by organizing this world.
    When the memory of glorious crossed in revived summer, the future can be reborn and bloom.
    Now, has Imbolc, the rise of the light makes faster.
    The sap goes up more strongly and from Imbolc up to the Summer solstice the tank of Belen, is going to illuminate more and more the diurnal sky.
    During seuf month of gestation we stay in the stomach of our mother before seeing the light of the world of the earth.
    Also, before receiving the soft light of the knowledge, we stay in the darkness of the hesitation and the search.

    During the night of Samhain the Gods of the death one faient to enter reign of the night-light of the moon.
    During the night of the Winter solstice the Goddess Kerridwen has we to teach magnificences of the moon in her most intense light.
    Today we celebrate Imbolc and this evening the Moon, under the direction of the Goddess Brighidh finish her reign in the magnificence of the winter.
    The Women one the sacred mission to keep the knowledge and to pass on it, during the meal of Imbolc, gather you and food crèpes made on Pilig (Breton griddle)  the ancient times and be blessed."

    ( Moment of silence and offerings to the Goddesses d' Imbolc.) then say:

    " - we go has present to glorify the Apple by calling it of its Sacred name:-Imbolc-

    IMBOLC !!! O-I-OU !!!
    IMBOLC !!! O-I-OU !!!
    IMBOLC !!! O-I-OU !!!

    In honor of the Moon which stays up the other world!
    In honor of the Women who to heal the heart of the humanity!
    In honor of the return of the sun which stays up this world!
    That the Druidic thought illuminates the Celtic world.
    And watch has all the path of the knowledge, under the Oak, the Yew, the Birch, the Fir tree and the Apple tree!
    Without damaging has nobody and for the property of all. "

  • Lovely to see we have some new members, please feel free to post your own articles, spells, rituals, or even just your own thoughts on Imbolc and what it means to you.

    It would be lovely to see some Imbolc photos here too, maybe your alters or some family gatherings......Looking forward to hearing from you all  )0(

    Love and Light Mystic x

  • I love it, it's a Brigid thing. I'm hoping to have my four year old grandson over here and we're going to do some crafting

  • Cool
  • Imbolc blessings to all!

  • Imbolc is one of our four cross-quarter days and also the first fire festival of the Celtic year, the others being Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.It is a pagan festival associated with the goddess Brighid but was Christianized as a festival of Saint Brighid, with whom she is said to share many traits.

    For a long time the Pagan aspects of Imbolc were pushed underground by the church, as any sort of Pagan worship was demonised and people who continued to celebrate in the ways of their old traditions were hunted down and accused of being evil and in league with the devil, thankfully we have (at least some of us anyway) ventured along new paths and gained wisdom and enlightenment along the way, but above all we have gained acceptance and tolerance of each others differences and belief systems, love and light and peace is no longer a thing of dreams and hopes but a reality and one that shines from within each and every one of us here in our moon garden.

    I believe it is now our duty to share our new found wisdom and our love and our light with whoever wishes to share it with us.......So let's spread the word because this is after all the dawning of the age of Aquarius and what better time to start than right now at the beginning of a bright new year, spring is just around the corner, love is in the air and the stirrings of new growth are all around us....

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***Imbolc Candle Ritual (for Solitaries)***

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~Deities of Imbolc~

Although traditionally Imbolc is associated with Brighid, the Irish goddess of hearth and home, there are a number of other deities who are represented at this time of year. Thanks to Valentine's Day, many gods and goddesses of love and fertility are honored at this time. Aradia (Italian): Popularized by Charles Godfrey Leland in Gospel of the Witches, she is the virginal daughter of Diana. There is some question about Leland's scholarship, and Aradia may be a corruption of Herodias from the…

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~Imbolc: Celebrating Brighid and Oya~

In old Europe, when the people were worshippers and celebrators of nature, one of the celebrations was called Imbolc.  In present-day Wicca, Imbolc is considered one of the minor Shabbats, or holidays, of the year.  Imbolc takes place on February 2nd of each year and is a celebration of the goddess Brighid, the goddess of healers, poets, childbirth and inspiration.   Imbolc marks the middle of winter; only 6 weeks until Spring!  The celebration marks Brighid’s preparation for the growth and…

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