May you equinox celebrations be blessed with love and beauty


Mabon has arrived for you those in the Northern Hemisphere

This is the Autumn Equinox. It is a time to celebrate the balance of light and dark. It a time to give prayers of gratitude for the many blessings  in your life, for the fullness of summer and the rich harvest that is now stored to carry you through the coming of winter.

Autumn is a time to let go. The emotion connected to this season is grief. The energy of this season brings a readiness to allow those things that no longer serve us to depart. It may be the time to let go of lost dreams and hopes that have run their course so that you can grow and walk forward in your life journey embracing newness. It may be you have a blank canvas, stepping forward in faith that you are gently loved and guided by the Goddess.

Imagine the canopy of a magnificent tree. Gently and with grace this majestic being lets her leaves fall to the Earth Mother. It is time. There is no resistance. It is part of the natural cycle.


A ritual you might like to try:


Light a candle and visualise the bounty you have received. Ask your self what do I have to be thankful for in my world. Visualise this and allow self to feel the blessing it has brought into your life. What difference has this blessing brought to you. Honour that blessing and feel the gratitude in your heart. Then ask your self, What am I ready to let go of in my life. What is it I grieve for? Am I ready to honour the blessings I have received and acknowledge that it is now in the past and a memory. Spend some time with self and become clear. Honour the blessings and gift you have received and then send it to its highest good. Finish with a brush off/energy bath meditation.



In the Southern Hemisphere we are celebrating the Spring equinox  

Ostara is a time when we celebrate the balance of light and dark. We give thanks for Mother Earth's blessings, her love and nurture through the winter.

Spring is a time to celebrate our dreams and hopes for the future, and to lay the foundations for them to grow. Now is the time to call in what you wish to create as it is the time of new beginnings.

Spring is the time of planting and growth. The emotion the is connected to this season is anger. The energy attached to this emotion is moving upward and outwards. Anger is the driving force of your creative being and shapes all you create. Here we see the positive aspect of anger, not the destructive. If you have blockages in your energy now is the time to open and to move that energy through activity that brings joy to your being. Listen to your body... it wants to dance with the rhythm of life.



A ritual you might like to try:

Light a candle. Give thanks for the passing of the darkness of winter and welcome the coming of light. Visualise the days growing warmer and see your self healthy and well with your friends and family. Visualise what you are birthing in your life at this time. Take time to shape this in your mind and consciously fill this with your energy and love to ground it in reality. See it in its fullness and tend to it with love. Take a moment to feel the life force bless your being. Give thanks and feel the gratitude that comes with knowing you are connected to the life force. You might like to symbolically plant a seed to represent your commitment to tending to that which you are now creating in your life.



I wish you all a blessed Equinox and hope that you feel your connection to the universal live force, the Goddess and Creator of all. Know and understand we are all connected and are One.


love light and hugs


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  • Whether it be the Autumn or Spring equinox you are celebrating the message is still the same, it is a time of balance and a time to reflect on the need for change whether it be from light to dark or dark to light.*6q6/Vernal_Equinox_by_Gild_a_Lily.jpg

    Blessings of light and dark ~Mystic~x

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