In this time of rapidly developing consciousness we are hearing more and more about Empath's and how to home in on these skills to help others.

I would like to talk today about preventing the harmful negative influences and vibes from causing you, the Empath, harm.

As you might expect, there are methods for blocking negative impressions altogether. I'm a fairly strong and well-developed Empath, and I'll be honest and say that there is no such thing as blocking every single bit every single time. It's impossible, and anyone who's experienced otherwise either has very mild abilities, or they've had to switch part of themselves off entirely, which is not recommended.

Energy Blocking for Beginners

If you've only recenly discovered that you're an Empath, you're probably quite keen to develop a method of blocking all that negative energy that often clings to Empaths. The technique I'm about to explain is very simple, and pretty much fool-proof. First, you'll need to locate your heart chakra. If you don't know where it is, there are numerous free charts on the web that can help you find it. However, most Empaths, even those who've never seen a chakra chart, could probably locate their heart chakra instinctively.

The Palm Chakra Method

Found your heart chakra? Good. This is where you're absorbing all of that crap which serves no purpose for you. To deflect the crap, simply cover your heart chakra with the palm of your hand (i.e. your palm chakra). Place it across your heart chakra in the same way you might pledge allegiance to the flag. Why does this work? For the exact reason you'd guess: Because you're literally blocking that negative channel of energy and not allowing it to penetrate your chakra. You could actually do this (to a lesser degree) with a coat or some other type of object. A textbook, for example. Many students subconsciously clutch these to their chest while walking through halls or standing in front of classrooms; that's because the soul instinctively knows that kind of thing helps to block the crap. You don't have to flatten your hand out completely -- you wouldn't want to, as that would look a bit odd to an observer -- just casually place it over the chakra. If you're a woman, this will not look strange. If you're a man, you may want to practice in front of a mirror until you can do it without looking conspicuous.

The Necklace Method

I'm sure that title makes one think of crystals or voodoo pouches, but none of that is necessary. Crystals and magickal stones / charms are certainly helpful in these situations, but this can be done with almost any type of necklace. Sounds odd, but this really is true. I like those big, clunky, beaded necklaces, as they block your chakra via impenetrable meridians. You can also toy with the beads, which would give you an excuse to let your hands (and their healing chakras) hover in front of your chakra.

The Essential Oil Method

You can (spiritually) charge a number of essential oils and dab a protective coating over your heart chakra. PLEASE NOTE: You should be sure that you haven't any allergies to the oil of your choosing (I like to use sage or peppermint) and you should be using a very minimal amount of oil. Dip your finger into your oil once or twice and that really ought to be enough. You're only putting a light sheen across your skin -- you're not painting a house! You shouldn't reek to high heaven afterward either, but you do want to be able to get a whiff every now and then, as it will remind your consciousness of it's current purpose (blocking out negative gick). Be careful with certain oils that smell particularly strong, or feel heavy, greasy or otherwise icky. Spreading that kind of thing over your heart chakra is going to make you feel crappy. I strongly recommend clary sage oil, peppermint and others like this. Mind the patchouli and oils with similar properties -- they can weigh you down spiritually.

Make an Effort to Consciously Practice

The more you do these, the more automatic it will become. Now, certainly, I realize some of these things seem silly or perhaps even too much work. It's important to note that these are beginner steps that can / will be enhanced by other methods once you've mastered them. Breathing and visualization are just two of the other methods I'll be describing soon for blocking the negative energy gick, but they take time to learn. In the meantime, these should help you protect yourself from negative energy.


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This was a very interesting read... Thank you!
Awesome post...I am going to send it to my daughter she really needs to read this!
I am glad you found it useful my sisters...
How do you deal negative tidal waves? That the has the power to destroy friendships that leaves your world like the aftermath of a holocaust?

You could try a smudging ceremony to cleanse your living space and positive thinking also will help to keep away the negative vibes, keep yourself grounded also...

A Purification Smudging Ritual

Smudging with smudge sticks is one of the best ways to remove negativity, negative forces, and unwanted energies from your home.

There are many different ways you can perform a smudging ritual or ceremony on your home that is quick, safe, and effective, however this post will go into just one general ritual that basically anyone can do and use as long as they have the proper smudging materials needed to perform it.

Step 1 Gather Smudging Tools

Smudge Sticks

The most important thing you will need to begin a smudging ritual for your home will be a smudge stick. Smudge sticks are normally hand made and rolled, and tightly tied together by yarn or string. There many different variations, scents, and herbs that are used in the making of a smudge stick, however, sage is the most common one used because sage is one of the most potent negativity killers out there today and has been for hundreds of years.


Another added benefit you can have while you are performing your smudging ceremony would be to obtain some incense. Incense comes in many different scents and varieties like smudge sticks, including cones, sticks, and pure natural granular incense. Any of the three will do, however we find that the more natural the better. Natural granular incense however will need to be burned different then cone or sticks. If you are going to use granular incense you will need some charcoal and an incense burner. You light the charcoal first outside the incense burner holding the charcoal with a pair of tongs so you don’t get burned. Once the charcoal is lit make sure it is smoking regularly and then place it into your incense burner. Next, place your granular incense ontop of the charcoal and then if you have some sand, or gravel, or small pebbles, you can place this over the charcoal and the incense in a mound shape but ensure the smoke can rise from it.

Some scents you can use along with your smudge stick for incense would be sage, cedar, banishing, purification, water(element incense), sweetgrass, copal, dragon’s blood, and lavender are some of the most effective.

Before you work with your smudge stick, it is best to place whatever incense you are using into each room of the home and let it burn with the windows open if there are windows in that room.


Another tool you can use along side your incense and smudge stick would be some gemstones. Gemstones are a powerful tool in cleansing. The energies within the stones can be potent, and depending on the size of the gemstone(the larger the more energy it will have) you can have an amazing purifying source in the gemstones. Some gemstones for purification and cleansing purposes are quartz, citrine, amethyst, and malachite. If you happen to have enough stones place one into every room of your home along side the incense. If you only have one stone or only have the means to have one, then you can carry it with you while you perform the smudging ritual.

Step 2 Begin your Smudging Ritual

The first step with this ritual if you have incense in every room would be to light all the incense and make sure they are burning with all the windows you have in your wide open, the curtains and blinds up.

The next step is to make sure your gemstones are in place next to your incense.

Whenever this particular ritual is performed, it is performed during the day, preferably on a sunny day. The sun and light will help you in this ritual to purge the dark energies and negative forces out of the home.

When you have that all completed, the next step is to go to your front door and hold your smudge stick in your dominate hand. Next, light the smudge stick and let it smolder and smoke real good. The best way to light a smudge stick is to use an enlongated lighter that you would use to light candles or pilot lights in stoves.

Once your smudge stick is smoldering and smoking and really good, keep that lighter on you(and your gemstone if you only have one, keep it in a pocket or in your hand whichever you prefer as long as it is close to you) and begin to walk around the first room that your front door is in. As you walk through each room say a prayer and say it with POWER and STRENGTH. One such prayer you can use is:

“Negativity that invades my sacred place

I banish you away with the light of my grace

You have no hold or power here

For I stand and face you with no fear

Be gone forever, for this I will say

This is my sacred place and you will obay”

Again this is just an example, you can use your own or this one, whichever you prefer. Once you are done with that room, go on to the next room, and the next, until every room in your house is fully covered. Ensure that you hit every corner of each room, and make sure the smudge stick is smoldering and smoking. If it begins to die out then relight it with your lighter. You being the smudging ritual at the front door of your home, and you end it at the back door. If you wish once you have finished going from front to back, you can go back through again starting at the back door and then going to the front door.

Step 3 Closing Your Smudging Ritual

This is important. Properly closing out your ritual can be vital to ensure the energy you put into it worked. For this ritual the proper way to close would be to first put out the smoldering smudge stick or you can let it burn itself out. One way of putting out a smoking smudge stick would be to get an ash tray, or ceramic plate, or something similar and gently dab the lit end onto it like putting out a cigarette. Another way would be to simply place it onto something where it won’t fall and let it burn out on its own(they usually do).

Once your smudge stick is out, let your incense burn out on its own naturally. If you are using gemstones an idea to close the ritual with even more positive energy would be to take an altar bell(or any bell if you have one) and gently ring it right above the stone. The ringing of the bell will send vibrations into the stone and this will trigger the gemstone to release it’s energies into the room. If you do not have an altar bell, you can get a glass and a fork and gently ding the glass with the fork over the gemstone as well.

If you do not have gemstones in every room and only have the one you were carrying around with you, take the gemstone and perform the above with the chiming technique and then place the stone by your bed or under your pillow.

If you have performed everything mentioned within this post you will have yourself one purified and blessed home for quite a while. You can re-do this ritual every six months or as needed. The incense and stones are just extra benefits to the ritual, however the smudge stick is essential. If you cannot or do not want to use the incense or gemstones, ensure you walk through your home and say the prayer with your smudge stick as mentioned.

Good luck my friend, Love and light ~Mystic~x

Awesome post Mystic!!!!

Thankyou ♥Mystic♥Ways♥.....It really is good to have you back! ~M~x

Thank you again, Mystic Pagan, both of these have already helped me a lot. I did the house cleansing as instructed here, felt my home already positive and I have 2 teenage boys and one 12 year old boy.I tried a couple of the protection steps but I still have to find a necklace, that is long enough to cover my heart. Love to You.

I am very glad that this has helped to clear away some negativity, keep at it and it will soon become second nature, you will quickly feel the benefits of  creating a positive vibe around you and keeping the negative away!

Blessings to you!


Thank you. This is very affirming.

You are very welcome Cara, I personally find the smudging ceremonies to be very uplifting and cleansing but anything that makes you feel personally empowered will help to keep those cloying negative feelings at bay, for example your dancing techniques would be ideal, anything that lifts your soul is the key and will help you (The Empath) to heal and help others whilst also protecting yourself!

Sending much love and light


White lighting is a daily practice

Smudging is also one I use often.

Also brush off massage works well for me


Brushing off into the fire( real or visualised) is a weekly practice of mine.

It helps to clear any heavy energy that I might be carrying.

Another I love is drumming and the singing bowls.... and the gong. that is a beautiful ceremonial tool



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