Causimomancy is divination by burning items in a sacred fire,including the fire
produced by a blessed candle.For example,in Europe people would burn a dry
mistletoe leaf in a candle flame.If it sparked,it meant anger was holding the
querist back,whereas a steady flame indicated devotion and good motivation.
Similarly,it is said that if one burns a pea with a candle flame and it flares up,
it's a good omen.In modern magick the most popular thing to burn is paper,
usually with the question or symbols written upon it.The burning here does
two things: it provides a second flame whose movements and behavior are
observed for omens and it releases your questions to the universe by way of
the smoke produced ( by the way,divining by the smoke produced is technically
called capnomancy ).
To try this yourself,you will need not only a candle but a good,fire-safe container.
One option is a stoneware bowl filled with sand or dirt.This is where you'll
place the burning item to observe it. Then:

1. Choose an item to burn.It can be a flower petal,herb,piece of cotton string,
paper or any other natural material that somehow represents your question.
Please make sure this item is not one to which you might have an allergic
reaction when it smokes.
2. If using paper,write your question literally or symbolically on it ( this can also
be dabbed with a hint of oil if you wish ).
3. Hold the chosen item in hand and focus on your question,pouring the energy
of your will into it.
4. Reach out toward the candle and ignite the item along one edge carefully.
5. As soon as its burning evenly,put it into the fire-safe container and watch
what happens.

The result of this activity can be interpreted in much the same manner as the
pyromantic symbols provided earlier in Candle Divination Part 1.
Additional,if the item:

1. Burns completely and quickly,this is a good sign.It may also indicate a desire
that manifests for sooner then expected.
2. Burns only part way,this is a 50-50 proposition and you may want to
reconsider your option.
3. Smolders and goes out,the answer is no.
4. Burns noisily,the answer is yes.
5. Burns silently,beware of hidden matters.
6. Doesn't ignite,a definitive no accompanied by a warning not to proceed further.

By Patricia Telesco - Candle Magick

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