Simply lighting a candle and watching the flickering light can be a soothing and calming activity. People who are involved in witchcraft or beliefs that practice spell-casting may find that a spell done using a candle can help the process.

Healing spells are done with candles, often using different elements that will contribute to their success:

Candle Color: Certain groups believe each color is associated with different properties. Celtic Moon has an extensive listing of candle colors and their use.
Scent: Richly scented candles may have spiritual powers associated with them. Spiritual Platform offers a listing of different scents that could be inhaled to bring about healing, like eucalyptus. Scents that are for general well-being or emotional healing may also be useful.
Spell: The spell you cast depends upon your personal beliefs regarding spell casting. You may be able to use a spell written by someone else, or it may be necessary for you to write your own. Your level of expertise will also factor into how well the spell works.

Spells for healing that use candles are usually for your own health or someone you love. Similar to doing other candle spells, like for money, if you are doing a spell for someone else, you should get their permission for performing the ritual.

Healing spells are not just for physical ailments. Spells can help create harmony within a family or ease the pain of depression or grief. Animal healing spells are also commonly used.

Aromatherapy Candle Healing

As previously mentioned, scented candles can offer holistic and therapeutic healing through inhaling their oils. If you are uncomfortable with using a candle healing spell, you can use candles that have aromatherapy properties to help heal your ailments.

To find the proper scent, speak with someone who specializes in aromatherapy or who practices holistic/alternative medicine. They should be able to guide you in the right direction. Holistic Online offers a table that lists chemical components, their properties and oils with those chemicals. Use this list to help you find the right scent for your aromatherapy candle.

Give an aromatherapy bath and candle gift basket to someone you love who is suffering from health problems. Include several votive and pillar candles that are infused with a scent you think will alleviate symptoms for the ailing friend. If they are open to the idea, you might write them an original candle healing spell to be used with other items you include in the gift basket.

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  • i use olive oil... and wicks that i get just from wal-mart... or you could make them from string dipped in candle wax....just remember to never leave this kind of candle unattended.... thank you... :)

    • wow olive oil - just plain olive oil!  And you can buy the wicks at walmart?  wow how cool.  I want some hurricane lamps asl well to use as spell devices.  And thank you for the info

    • love the this Mystic and couldn't think of doing a healing spell w/o a candle or pretty much anything w/o one ha ha.  I'm very drawn to fire.


      Serene I really like these little oil lights.  They look simple to do - are they?  What kind of oil would you use and what material would you use for the wick?


      Thank you in advance!

    • Yes, I too am drawn to fire and love candlelight.

      Candles do certainly add a certain ambience to any space where a spell is being cast.

    • Hi, This is a Candle or Burner made with Olive Oil I just prepared and took a photo, it is olive oil but I added some essential oil to it or if you made herbal olive oil and left it at sunlight for 4 weeks you can also use for candle burning or Ayurvedic massage, but for massage is best mixed with a lighter oil like sesame oil. In this one there is a little disk made of cork that floats, to the disk is attached a little metal piece with a little hole where we put in the wicks already waxed and cut.

    • This is the pieces you will need to assemble it.

    • This is the pieces you need to buy or you can makeup a system that works...

    • This one is made with a wire in spiral that can broaden and sit at the bottom of the bottle will also work very well as long the wick reaches the bottom of the bottle.

    • This is hanging on the side of the jar.

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