Dance of Fireflies Spell

Dance of Fireflies Spell

With the dreamy heat of late summer and the soft shadows of the warm twilight comes one of the most magical sights of the year: the dance of the fireflies. These insects inhabit the border between magic and reality; scientists still don’t understand the secrets of their cool light. Do you remember chasing them as a child? Go outside tonight and watch them again. You may wish to greet them with something like this:

Firefly flicker,
Firefly glow,
Light up the sky and the world below.

Here on the shadowed stage you must play;
Your light is invisible by day.

In this you teach us to see,
That dark brings beauty with its mystery.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

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  • Oh of course Mystic and glad to share them with you. They are precious and beautiful.
  • That was beautiful Mystic. It wouldn't let me paste any pics here so I am going to send them to you PM
  • I have always wanted to see the fireflies dancing in the evening light, we don't have them in the UK but I can just imagine how enchanting it is and how easily thay can conjure up a magickal ambience!

    • Oh Mystic it's enchantingly beautiful!!!  Undescribable.  Wish you had the chance to see them. :(

    • Firefly Summer

      Powdered lights float gently above the surface
      Twilight begins to illuminate their brilliance
      There's a magical feeling that infuses the air
      Miracles await just about anywhere
      Laying beneath a cloud full of lights
      Realizing your eyes wander in delight
      A path of tiny lanterns form a current
      Moving lively, yet steady, staying ardent
      A ritual of a million luminescent dancers
      Is the place to find more than a billion answers
      This moment of enchantment which is timeless
      Wrapping you in vivid ribbons of radiance
      Happening only at one time of the year
      Bringing faith, hope and a breathtaking premiere
      The stars of our night, a firefly summer

      Author unknown

  • Love this one Lady Wisdom... Stealing it...

    • lol glad you like it enough to steal it lol you're not stealing, just using it on your own ;)

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