Fertility Glass Ritual

Fertility Glass Ritual

If you walk the beach during the summer months, collect any smooth bits of glass you find among the rocks. In ancient times, this sea-glass was known as “mermaids’ mirror bits,” and was considered good luck for the beachcomber. Often mermaids were depicted holding a mirror and a comb, symbols of Venus, the goddess of beauty and fertility. Venus was said to have sprung fully grown from the sea. Her Greek name, Aphrodite, literally means “foam-risen.” Place the sea-glass you find in a little green bag with a piece of red silk cut in the shape of a heart. As you sew the bag closed, say:

This bag I sew, fertility,
A child will come from me.
Fecund Venus, I pray,
Abundant life come my way.

This spell will work equally well if you seek fertility of another sort. Just change the word “child” above to “creativity,” or “abundant garden,” or whatever it is you seek.

By: Lily Gardner-Butts


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  • oh I bet it would be beautiful jewelry Mystic!!!
    • I made a piece once for a sea witch, it was made in the form of a witches ladder but she wanted to use it as prayer beads, I have to say I did fall in love with the piece as I was making it but that's nothing unusual, I do build up quite a bond with any piece that I work on so when I finally have to say goodbye and pass it on to it's rightful owner I always feel a wrench!

    • Oh I bet you do sis.  That must be a little hard to do every time!  And about the witches ladder with the sea glass - OH MY GODDESS!  It must have been so beautiful and REALLY hard to let go of.  I bet it was just beautiful.  I just know she loved it.  You are a talented and wise witch my dear sister.

  • I love sea glass and always pick it up when I see it, every now and again I find  pieces that can be used in my jewellry making...I like the idea of using something so unique, something that has been shaped by the ebb and flow of the waves over many years and incorporating it into a wearable piece of jewellry!

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