Find Romance Spell

Find Romance Spell

This is a good time to rekindle the love that is already there. To prepare for this spell, you will need some essential oils of jasmine and rose, as well as a piece of red clothing such as a shirt or a scarf. To begin, simply take a bath and place a few drops of each essence in the tub with you. As you bathe and cleanse yourself, say these words several times while you stir the bath.

"Stir in jasmine
Stir in rose,
I cleanse myself from head to toe.
Bring me love And bring me heat;
Passion, romance come to me."

Once you have finished bathing, put on your clothes and wear something red when you go out, maybe a scarf or shirt. You don't need to overdo it, just a bit of red will do. Then, try going out dancing or go to a party where you don't know many people. Be open to possibilities. Or, if you are already with a partner, go out on a fun date such as dinner at a new and fancy restaurant. See what kind of magick can happen.

By Jonathan Keyes


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  • You are a fountain of information my dear sister!!! I love how I can ask about something and poof! there ya go Mystic knows about it or knows where to learn about it!!! Thank you sis. I can't tell you how much I have learned through you here in the time I've been here and to think of that, I've been here a lot longer than I realized lol and so happy to be here too. This is truly my family - and I love you all as my family and all you new comers, stick around and you will feel the same way too!
  • This is a perfect time of year for any sort of love spell with the first harvest, Lughnassadh, just past, also for rekindling old flames!

    • Really?  Wow I didn't know that.  I always th0ught it was that other holiday LOL but serious I didn't know this about this holiday Thank you Mystic@

    • Lughnasadh is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and has pagan origins. The festival itself is named after the god Lugh. It involves offering of first fruits, feasting, handfasting, fairs, and athletic contests (most notably the Tailteann Games).

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