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  • i make theses, they are called Wax-Umms.    They are for hot wax pots or tea light melters.

    All are scented with many different scents.    these above are called Forbidden Fruit scent.

    Let me know what you think.

    1-$3.00-------2-$5.00--------4-$9.50-------They are almost twice as big as most scented wax blocks sol.

  • This is nice , saying a lot, cool, one would be cool to have indeed
  • I do not know who makes this {below} but would love to, would love to have one of my own one day.  LV

  • Very very cool, nice work
  • I make these all hand knitted and made with love and healing wishes

  • I made this knotted hemp pentagram and grape vine pentacle (shown below), one night while playing with hemp. I ended up working in some very special items to the hemp as I knotted. I plan to make a larger one and try my hand at a triple goddess soon. You all have some lovely things posted here! Thanks for sharing!

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