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  • You are welcome Mystic.  I've never heard of it or seen it before and it is one I sure would like to have.  Glad it was ok to post.

  • That book looks really interesting Lady W, thanks for sharing!

  • Lilith: Queen of the Desert Paperback – July 16, 2010

    From what I read in the reviews about this book I definitely want to get it.  It sounds like the book I have always wanted to find about Lilith with rituals etc.  I just wanted to bring it to your attention incase you have been searching too.

  • Welcome to the group Jenny....

  • i did notice something in  the picture
  • Thank you and you are right  there is :) wonder if anyone else notices :)
  • Sister Gray Witch; Very interesting as well as beautiful too. If you study the picture alittle more closely you see things that you never noticed before. Thank you for sharing. Have a Wonderful Wensday.   BB )O(
  • Gray Witch that is such a striking picture, it appears quite simple until you look closer, the crossroads, the three aspects, even the little houses at her feet..simply beautiful!

  • its all soooo beautiful!
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