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This group is for celebrating and exploring the Earth based religions and faiths and hopefully giving newcomers a better understanding of some of our traditions. It is also a place for us to honour the natural world in all it's beauty and diversity.

Earth based religions and faiths are based on an understanding and a reverence for nature and the elements.
Earth religion is a term used mostly in the context of Paganism, but it is really an umbrella phrase that is used to cover any religion that worships the Earth, Nature, or fertility gods and goddesses, such as the various forms of goddess worship.
Earth religions are also formulated to allow one to utilize the knowledge of preserving the Earth.
In this group we will learn not only about the Pagan faiths but also the North American Indians, the Aboriginies and all other Nature based traditions.
Our Mother Earth is a beautiful and glorious place, what is it about this planet that inspires you, do you have any special places or sacred spaces. Tell us about them here.

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In Search Of Other Voices. 2 of 2 (How plants communicate)

In Search Of Other Voices. 1/2 (How plants communicate) Uploaded on 19 Feb 2011 This episode explores the world of plants and their ability to communicate. Can they communicate? Do plants communicate with each other? Can we communicate with them? Do our actions influence their abilities to grow, thrive, and reproduce? Can they read our thoughts and do our actions, moods, and feelings influence them? Various researchers discuss their research, discoveries, and ideas…

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Singing Plants at Damanhur + Music Of The Plants

Singing Plants at Damanhur Experience what is was like to be in the Sacret Forests in Damanhur and listen to the singing plants. It will change your perception on life. Music Of The Plants Music of the Plants. Performed in Damanhur with Julia Butterfly Hill and in India with Purvi Parikh. Julia Butterfly Hill is an environmentalist, poet, writer, educator, speaker, and founder of the organization Circle of Life. She earned…

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Vibrational Growth - For Plants

Vibrational Growth - For Plants Vibrational Growth - This track is specifically designed to stimulate plant growth and nutrient absorption. Begin playing this track at sun rise (or during the bloom cycle) and play repeatedly throughout the day for enhanced fractal growth. This track contains UHF ultra-high frequencies, known to stimulate stoma dilation, allowing for the topical application of fertilizers. $13.50 All music tracks are original and the sole property…

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