A theory of creation that deities, worlds, creatures can be created by the power of magick Words...All Words of Wisdom will be shared here.

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  • You are very welcome Jim, I hope you enjoy reading the many articles we have here....

  • Thank you for letting me join ........

    From what I have already read I guess you have to really watch what you say and wish for - Words are very powerful in the wrong hands and we should all be aware of what we say and how we say it - I'll have to read on to really understand the power or words - Thank you for teaching me - Blessings to you all - Jim

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  • I totally agree with you kat, it is a great shame that the patriarchs of the christian church decided to demonise witchcraft and goddess worship...The truth be told they were in fear of the power of women and of the goddess so they decided it was best to put both women and witchcraft across in a very bad light.
    The witch hunts were a terrible time for anyone remotely associated with any earth based craft or healing and the fear of god was put into the minds of normal decent folk.
    Healing work of any sort was said to be the work of the devil because it was apparently god and only god who could work miracles therefore any sort of magick was also deemed to be evil...The word Witch became associated with satan and the devil and it has took us many many years to shake off that image...What really irks and annoys me is when you get peoplewho call themselves Witch and then start spouting off about evil and dark deeds and such, it puts tha name of witch back just were the christian leaders of old would of liked it to stay.
  • I'd love one of these to put on my car.  My neighbors aren't very happy a group of witches in their neighborhood...they won't let their kids play with my grandchildren.  So very sad that they DO associate us with satan and evil...if they knew what we really stand for (and I have educated quite a few) they might be more accepting, but they believe in the interpretation of their Bible that says witches are the work of satan.  That isn't even an accurate interpretation of the actual writings.  Such is life.  Christians have been persecuted and now they persecute (and always have) us.
  • Nice picture Lady Naya (Dark Mistress)....The words are very true, if only more people understood the concepts instead of associating the magickal and mystical world of witchcraft with evil and with satan, whom we don't even recognise. satan and evil are both concepts of christianity and the abrahamic teachings of the bible.
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  • Thank you for the invite~ a wonderful collection of information

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