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Let us share our energy in this group, I know most of us are solitary practitioners but if we collectively put our energies into this group there is nothing we cannot accomplish, so if anyone needs our help let us ask for it here so we can start working together and raise the energy to help heal our fellow brothers and sisters.

Many blessings to you all and I hope you will join us.

Much love and light to all.

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  • Sending love, peace and healing light her way!
    I am for MMJ therapy, I am on it. I use only the edibles and lotion. I am also going through menopause and sleep was something that didn't happen often, I am thrilled to sleep at least 6 hours a night. Definitely something to consider but it isn't legal everywhere.
  • Recieved with gratitude and humbleness my dear friend!

    And sent back with love...........

  • I'm so sorry

    to hear this and I

    will immediate send reiki

    healing energies for your

    daughter in

    Colorado Springs

    to get her safely through the


    Blessings on her and

    her family too.

    That means you too!

  • Oh my word Rhonda, I most certainly will be sending healing and positive energy right now to your daughter in Colorado Springs and I shall send out a message to our wonderful members who always manage to pull together and create amazing and positive energy.

  • Please help!  My 24 y/o daughter was thought to have had a miscarriage well over a week  ago, it is an ectopic pregnancy that got missed and she is being rushed to surgery right now.  Her name is Bobbie and she is in Colorado Springs, please send prayers and energy.  Thank you!

  • For Egypt and for Syria with love.

  • For Jared.

  • Please help
    Beautiful friends & family
    I can't be here today as normal, but I have popped in to ask a special favor of you all-- Please, a family friend of ours was in an accident at work early this morning-- He works in a tire factory and had one explode in his face---  He is extremely banged up and unrecognizable-- he needs facial reconstruction, plastic surgeries and probably much more--- 
    Please send healing energy and love to Jared -- He is just 20 years old with a wife, young daughter- and a babe one the way-- 
    I will be back as soon as I can-- 
    Thank you for your prayers and understanding
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