Last Monday I found out that my unborn son needs Heart surgery soon after he is born. He has a narrow aorta and they need to go in an repair it. It's the part of the heart that pumps blood and oxygen to the body. He is ok while he is still in the womb because his oxygen is supplied by me and the umbilical cord, however when he is born and his heart has to pump life supporting blood to the rest of his body it will put his heart under great stress and not supply him with enough oxygen. He is due to be born January 4th via c-section, unless he decides to come earlier. My family and I would appreciate any prayers that you offer. Thanks.

Love and Light,


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Sending love and light your way and sending positive vibes to baby too!

Thanks Mystic. I truly appreciate it

i feel for you so much my grandaughter has tetrus fallows which is a heart contion

they can do so much now

i will send healing for u to stay calm and healing for ur son stay possitive and try and stay calm as poss


Thank you. I truly appreciate it

Here is my Payer for Hunter - I know it will work for you - He always answers the payers for children - Many blessings and payers for you and yours - Jim

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it

Here is a payer to use just before his surgery - We wish him well - Light - strength - and our payers -  Many Blessings - Jim

Thank you. I will say this before his surgery. I truly appreciate it

Thank you. My family and I appreciate it!


Devine Diety belessed me when my son was born. He to was a frail child. Apgar score of 1.

When ever I need strenght or healing I say the following prayer.

The arms of the Great Mother ever surround me.

I envoke the protection of Devine Mother's embrace,

I envoke the protection of Devine Mother's grace.


Dear Rhiannon, I have envoked this prayer for you both. I truely believe she will be with you both in your time of need.

For she will not give either of you more than you can handle.

Sending light and love your's and Hunter's way my friend.


Thank you. My family and I appreciate it. I hope your son is doing better now.



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