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Come and learn about the Sabbats and Seasons and the celebrations that coincide with them...

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Taking Back The Wheel Of The Year!

A group for those seeking knowledge of the high holy days of Witchcraft and certain pagan paths which mark the changing of the seasons as the Wheel of the Year turns...

...names and spellings for each Sabbat (i.e., Imbolc, Immolg; Beltane, Beltaine; Ostara, Eostre) There are 8 Sabbats in all. The Greater Sabbats are Imbolc, Beltaine, Lammas or Lughnassad, and Samhain and the lesser Sabbats are Litha, Yule, Ostara, and Mabon. The Greater Sabbats, the cross-quarter Sabbats, are the older holidays and based on the Celtic pastoral culture. The Lesser Sabbats, the equinoxes and the solstices, were later incorporated apparently by Saxons, Romans, and Angles. But here they shall remain just as honored as the other Sabbats.
The Sabbats keep us attuned to the changes in seasons and in nature itself. When we stay attuned with nature, for we are intimately, physically, spiritually and psychically connected to it, we live our lives in a healthier and richer manner. We are happier in every way!

I would like to start from the beginning and add Sabbats, Sabbat Meditations, and all that goes with, as we go around the Wheel of the Year together and I hope you all add your own ways and rituals of celebrating to the we can share ideas and learn from each other....

There is also a seperate group for each Sabbat, where we can go into more depth about each one individually.


Pagan Customs & Christianity

Ostara became Easter, Samhain became All Saints Day (halloween), Yule became Christmas, Luperchalia became St valentines day. There is also "May Day" was derived from Beltaine.  Many of these holidays were modified by the early Church to ease the…

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