Did any one get to see the luna eclipse, it wasn't visible here in the UK as it was 8am when it started....

The October 2014 lunar eclipse will be taking place during the early hours of Wednesday, Oct. 8. In addition to the total eclipse of the moon, viewers will get the opportunity to view a rare (and in theory, impossible) cosmic event: the moon and sun rising simultaneously. This phenomenon, formally called a "selenelion," is one that celestial geometry says cannot happen.

"During a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees apart in the sky," explains Space.com. "In a perfect alignment like this (called a "syzygy"), such an observation would seem impossible. But thanks to Earth's atmosphere, the images of both the sun and moon are apparently lifted above the horizon by atmospheric refraction. This allows people on Earth to see the sun for several extra minutes before it actually has risen and the moon for several extra minutes after it has actually set."

In the east coast, the best time to view the phenomenon is 6:25 a.m. EDT, but the time varies from location to location. To find out when you can spot the rare cosmic event, consult the chart below, courtesy of CBS:

total-eclipse-chart See when you can see the selenelion. CBS

Additionally, according to a video from Science@NASA, viewers can possibly see the sun turn turquoise or celestial red. "A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon goes into the shadow of the earth," said Dr. Darren Baskill, an Astronomer at the University of Sussex, to The Independent. “It usually happens a couple of times a year and depending on the atmospheric conditions of the earth the moon can appear in different shades of red.”

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