I recently found this recipe posted on facebook and had to try it. OMGs, it is delicious!!! I had to share it with you, as it is also easy to make. Here is a link for the recipe that includes a video showing it being made. http://tiphero.com/pineapple-upside-down-bundt-cake/

Not sure if the video will work here.

I am attaching pictures of mine. I'd cut a piece out before I thought to take a picture, so I put it back. lol You can see where it was cut though. 

Note: I had to bake mine almost twice as long as the recipe said to make the inside come out right.


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  • Mmmmmm! looks delicious, pineapple upside down cake has always been a great favourite with my family with the recipe being passed down through the generations, we make it as a full cake though and not in a ring like this one, you could fill the centre with custard before serving, or whipped cream.....Mmmmmmmm! Slice for me please........~M~x

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