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The aim of this group is for members to get together and think of ways we can improve our site and make it more people friendly, our older members will remember how Ning decided they wanted to upgrade the platform from Ning 2.0 to a new platform Ning 3.0 to make it 'better' and they encouraged site owners to upgrade saying that the old Ning 2.0 would be getting phased out.

So this is what we did and to be honest Ning 3.0 is no where near as member friendly as Ning 2.0 was. I do understand the reasons why they needed to upgrade, with all the new devices that people were using to connect to the internet they needed a design that was responsive over this whole range of devices, without getting to technical Ning 2.0 was not responsive over smaller devices meaning the experience for those users was not good and Ning 3.0 had been designed to be responsive over a wide range of devices.

All well and good you would think but Ning has failed to create the same sort of notification system as we had before, despite them promising that they would, so getting the same sort of interaction that we had before is very hard. This will be one of our main aims here, to try and work out ways we can make this site work for us.

Secondly there is the question of Ning fees, we need to think of ways to raise money to help with the running costs. Ideally we would like to raise enough money to pay a years up front fee which would give us a whole year where we don't need to worry about finding the monthly fees. So any suggestions about how we can raise money or generate donations would be very much appreciated.

We think our Secret Moon Garden is worth fighting for, and if you do too then please join us in helping us back on our feet and getting our garden blooming again......

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