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  • I miss you. I hope you have found peace since you've been gone. If anyone, you deserve it.
    We will meet again, my beloved sister, teacher and mother.
  • Have a Blessed Day

  • Photobucket

  • Farewell beautiful witch!

  • My thoughts are with the family, many blessings to you at this sad time

    Blessed Be!

  • No words......RIP my friend!

  • I am so lost, I posted a message in the activity feed, meaning to express my grief and realized no one would see it, and I could not let this go because she truly meant so much to me as a few of you know, and This I know sounds silly but sometimes love transcends time and space and for that I am greatful; because I would not have well been able to except the notion that our friendship was not one of continued contact but one of extreme admiration. I am truly saddened by that.  I really have run out of words. I've never been good that way as some of you do know or hope remembers me. So for all her family and friends I guess what I am trying to say is never forget the love you shared because that she knows and that will never be erased.  Love and Light always to my dearly loved and missed sister, Trish.     My condolences to all her family and friends. Blessed be.  Moonbeam

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