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  • Warm welcome!

  • Merry Meet Farica!

    I try to catch up with this group every chance I get, and I hope to share some conversations with you  :)

  • Hello again Farica, just a thumbs up for you, if you want to reply directly to a comment on your comments page if you click on the persons name who has left you a comment you will get taken to their page then when you comment they will receive a notification in their email!

    Really hope you are enjoying the site so far..

    Much love and light ~Mystic~x

  • Welcome you and thank you, Nice smile
  • Thank you!! So happy to be here!
  • Hello, I thought you might enjoy this group, there are also many more groups that I think might be suitable for you too, go and have a look around and have fun...
    Love and Light from ~Mystic~ x

    The Secret Moon Garden
    Open the gates and you will find a place full of magickal enchantment, where seeds of friendship bloom into beautiful exotic flowers.
  • Greetings Farica and welcome to our secret moon garden, we are happy you could join us and hope you enjoy your stay!

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