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  • Just passing by to see how you are settling in and to let you know a couple of things about our site, if you woud like to reply personally to people who leave comments on your comment wall you can do so by clicking on their name which will take you to their comment wall, also I notice you have joined 'Pleased to meet you' and I would recommend starting a conversation via the forum as this is the only way at the moment to interact with other members since Ning (our service provider) decided to implement changes to the way things worked, they have been promising for ages now to put things right but as yet they haven't done so, but we are still here and hopefully we can overcome these challenges, Lol! Love and light coming your way John! :)

  • Thanks so much!

  • Greetings to you and welcome to our secret moon garden, we are so happy you could join us and hope you enjoy your stay

This reply was deleted.
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