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  • Miss you my sweet, hope all is well. Just wishing you a inspiration day, week , month and ever. Blessed be, Huggles.     Namaste  

  • Divine Mother

    Your heart is, loving,

    Tranquil, and free

    My spirit alive

    In harmony with thee

    Your nature giving

    A benefit to all

    Your heart is open

    Standing me tall

     My energy restored

    I know the terrain

    Supporting others

    Their freedom our gain

    Blessed Be

  • Hi dear, I dont know whats going on, but yesterday, I was only able to send things out to some of my friends, then the rest of them when I hit send a block would pop up and say " Im not a robot " then in that block another small one came up and said cancel, but either way I could not finish my comments. I dont even know if this one will get to you. Do you know what the reason for that was ? Hope you get this and have a great day my friend. Love and hugs


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  • I'm good and hope you are too.  xoxoxox

  • Hi sister.  :)  xoxox

  • Hi Toni and all on the site

    Thank you for welcoming me to The Secret Moon Garden. I now realise l'm on email overload so made the decision it was best to unsubscribe. Blessed be Elizabeth 

  • Hello to every one .It us good to be back 

This reply was deleted.
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