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  • Hi Mystic, they shared in the manage section of the Ning sites that 3.0 owners can now let there members add a html box to there page, like the text box that 2.0 has, was wondering if you were going to add that for us members here to use? I couldn't find it so I didn't know if I was overlooking it somewhere or not. Have a great week!!


    Welcome sister. xox

  • Well I can't even find where I started this conversation with you.  I understand though.  I just hate it cause there is a wealth of information here and it would all be lost - what a shame.  I'm going to go and get some ink cartridges and print out the correspondences that I posted cause they are very very important to me.  I hope you don't mind.  I sure hate this cause it was hopping till this ning thing happened.

    love ya sis

  • Such lovely looking babies, are they wolf-hybrids ? Here's me baby, I'll bet ya he's more of a handful then all 3 of your darlings. I kid ya not, he'll be 3 Sept. 9th. and he still is as rowdy and wild as a 6 wk old pup !!!!! Keeps me a hopping that's for sure !!!!!

  • BB


    Big kisses and hugs from Amsterdam



  • Thank you... Blessed Be )O(

This reply was deleted.
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