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  • May all the treasures of life be yours my friend, be blessed~

  • h=Hey  there  my lady,

     How  goes  it?  I  am  letting   you  know I have  not   forgot  about   you . I  ended  up catching C-dif from a  resident that  is  confused  and   had a sever case of  C-dif  of   course  no one  believes  the  CNA  until it is  too late. I  am  on the  mend  and  will get in  touch   with  you   soon. I  hope   you  had a  good Thanksgiving

  • Full Moon Blessings  to  you.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome..

    I myself have become used to the warm climate.  I am enjoying this windy evening we are having.  Something about the crisp fresh wind captivates me.  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!!



This reply was deleted.
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