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  • Hello dear sister, how lovely to see you here, I hope you are keeping well!

  • Hi gypsy genie and all on the site

    Thank you for welcoming me to The Secret Moon Garden. I now realise l'm on email overload so made the decision it was best to unsubscribe. Blessed be Elizabeth 

  • Thank you for your donation Genie, you are a star!

  • I think the notification system lets the new Ning platform down and it is definitely what keeps people away I'm sure, I'm justwaiting for Ning to improve things really but if it doesn't pick up soon I'm going to have to shut up shop.....thank you for your continuing support though, it is very much appreciated!

  • Hi Genie, lovely to see you here, it is still so quiet here, members still not sure of the new format and it seems what ever I try to do to make things better just doesn't work, no help from Ning as usual, I'm just waiting for them to bring out an archiver for ning 3 which is taking them forever, then I can archive everything here and think about finding us a better home......

This reply was deleted.
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