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Merry Meet!

I'm sure you will notice but I'm going to readily admit it anyway (LOL), I am not a real blogger!

I never kept a diary nor a journal, and I don't rehash the events of my day when it's over - the closest I've come would be that I try very hard to think of all the positives that happen to me each day - and if I can get at least one then I am happy.

Many of my customers asked me to start sharing my sales and new products in a blog. And since I refreshed the website, I figured I'd try to make them happy too. 

When I received the email about blogs on the Secret Moon Garden all I could think to do was to share my most recent blog from my website and a link to the others. I hope this is ok. Like I said, I'm not a real blogger, and I don't know the rules  :^)

So, here goes ~~

Cyber Monday is November 27th!

I cannot offer you the ridiculously low prices (I try to keep my prices low to begin with LOL) of a larger company - so I encourage you to take full advantage of their offers!

And when you're done with the hectic, exhausting, frustrating, and hopefully rewarding task of "celebrating" Black Friday, and you have spent endless hours on the internet trying to discover all the specials, I invite you to come stroll through the items available at The Lunar Flame!

 I hope it won't be anywhere near as painful or irritating :^)

 There will be some products on sale!


One big special will be that every order of 50.00 or more will receive FREE shipping AND a FREE gift!

Also - every order of 30 items or more will be 30% off!

REMEMBER that these Cyber Monday specials end at midnight Pacific Time!

I'll be waiting for your call  971-255-2868



Here's the link to see the specific products that will be greatly reduced!

Feel free to subscribe to my blog to receive future information including sales, contests, voting opportunities, and new product updates!

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