Astrology with Predictive Configurations And The Moon At any given time, not only are there a large number of “situations” in which people will be involved, but the tone of those reactions are described by each birth chart......... ~
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  • Wasn't it beautiful, this was taken from my back door last night at moonrise, the photo doesn't really pick up how awesome it looked.....

  • Did anyone get to see the lunar eclipse......

  • I kept a look out fot the merry dancers (northern lights) at the weekend but there was to much mist, there was some sightings up here though!

    This was taken in Caithness...

  • This one was also taken at the weekend

  • Thank you Ray and what a beautiful picture that is.....

  • Cool BB
  • Autumnal Equinox



    It is that time of Our year that We are grateful for the harvest

    and the season changes. A special time that has been celebrated

    as Mabon in the past. We just had Our Harvest Moon so now

    We are ready. The exact will occur at 2:29 AM UTC so it is on

    September 23 in Europe. In the USA it will occur on September

    22. At any rate it is a wonderful time to share with family and

    friends. Here We shift forward in a positive light. Enjoy ~~~~ 

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Solar Flare Alert ~
    We have a new alert today and it will hit 
    soon ~~~There are 2 really big flares on
    the way so it could be a wild weekend, The
    Aurorae should be spectacular so enjoy if
    you can ~~~~~     :  )
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I'll be a lot more available for

    the Solar live as I will not

    travel outdoors ~~~   :  )

    As live feeds go ~ I make

    sure first ~~~ I'm trying to

    make more permanent

    connections ~~~ Take a breath

    and there is so much more on SMG


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