Spellworking is serious magick and used innapropriately can be dangerous (Spells can and will backfire if not performed correctly)You must be cautious when performing magick or working with spells! All spells can and sometimes should be adapted according to your needs and wishes and should be used with good intent and harm to none (including yourself)....It is usually best to write and use your own spells for your magickal workings. This group is to help you find your way along your spellworking and magickal path and to teach you how to create and write your own spells and rituals....Please always use caution when working magick and keep in mind you are responsible for your own actions....

*May you work your magick well*


Welcome to Craft of the Wise

There are many different ways to practice our craft, there is no right way or wrong way and we are a diverse group of people drawn here to learn from others and to share what we have learnt with others too, this sharing of ideas and skills helps to bring the whole magickal community together instead of fragmented as it has been in the past.

Some of us may be time served and some just learning, but we are all here for the same reason, we are all practitioners, or learning practitioners of

~*The Craft of the Wise*~


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