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Achieve Emotional Balance with Kunzite

Looking for a Natural Way to Get Emotional Balance? Emotional balance happens when we allow ourselves to feel whatever we are experiencing, particularly at the moment. It is best done without suppressing the feeling or being overwhelmed by it.…

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Magic of the Unicorn Healing DNA Wands

Magic of the Unicorn Healing DNA Wands The Magic of The Unicorn lives deep within the heart of humanity in a secret place, that can never be forgotten. A hopeful place filled with magic and power. A place where rainbows dance in the heart of every…

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*Welcome to Crystal and Gemstone Magick*

In this new age where we seek alternative ways to treat and cure our ailments, our understanding and awareness of crystals and gemstones and their healing powers has flourished. Here in this group we can learn more about their magickal abilities and how to use them in everyday situations.

You may have noticed that something magickal happens when you use crystals as part of your healing process. Let us take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing as we explore crystal intelligence and how crystals synchronize with the seven chakras for healing and clearing of energy fields.

Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years as powerful healing aids. We may not always be conscious of it, but Crystal Therapy is part of our everyday life. We use the power of crystals in the form of rock salt and season our food using table salt crystals. Many people wear precious, semi-precious stones and different minerals not only as jewelry but for their healing benefits as well.

We humans respond to colours, light refraction and rainbows. Even animals are attracted by light play. Is it any wonder that crystal healing is a powerful, yet gentle therapy that works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. Crystals have the potential to help all of us in a specialized way. You can discover how they can draw in and radiate healing energy specific to each symptom of illness.

We will also learn how to store and care for our crystals by cleaning, clearing and charging them to amplify their healing abilities. We'll also focus on some of the ways crystals and other stones are used in healing methods, enhancing meditation, and promoting spiritual development.

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