Here we will explore how empaths can harness the power of sacred space.

Space is an important and often overlooked tool. It is a powerful ally to you in your quest for spiritual, Earthly, and energetic balance. In fact, in some systems of Asian medicine it is considered an element (it is called 'ether'). (In polarity therapy reflexology, the space element is associated with the thumb and the big toe. Holding or massaging each of these organs with intention will amplify the experience of 'space' in your own life).

In general, empaths need space more than the rest of the population. We thrive on space. When our space is unbalanced or 'invaded,' we can hurt. All of us can benefit from using principles of managing space to improve our energy. With this in mind, here are some easy action steps that will help you harness the energy of space to make it sacred.

1. Create an Altar.
Indigenous cultures know that everything must be dreamed before it is made real. Using this principle, we create altars. An altar is a sacred space or physical location inside your home (e.g. a table) where you place physical objects that will help amplify your prayers and intentions. On your altar, it is recommended to place symbolic representations of anything you are wanting to call into existence (e.g. placing coins to represent abundance). Some other good ideas are to include your favorite stones, your favorite books, favorite pictures (of your ancestors), and/or your favorite colored fabric. Additionally, you might place a physical representation of your animal guides and protectors, and/or a physical representation of your angelic protectors (Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, etc). Go to your altar when you pray; it will amplify your intentions.

2. Clear and Tidy your Home
How we keep our environment is a direct reflection of how we keep our thoughts. If your environment is disorganized, your thinking is also affected. Do you feel 'foggy'? If so, clearing and cleaning your environment will clear the cobwebs out of your mind and body. With a strong physical cleaning routine, you may eventually notice that any fog or depression will lift. Also, changing the design and placement of your furniture can dramatically shift your energy. Feel the space of your home; and ask yourself the question, "are there blocks in energy flow in how I arrange my furniture?" Let your gut be your guide and listen to its answers. After a change in the placement of your furniture, many will report a newfound energy and initiative.

3. Remove yourself from Space Invaders.
When someone is invading your space and draining you of your energy, you can choose to remove yourself from the situation in order to maintain your empowerment. As an empowered empath, you do not have to feel guilty in refusing to let your space be invaded. When there's an energy vampire, find a reason to leave the interaction. You might go into the restroom and splash cold water on your face and wash your hands of the energy that you've accumulated. You may also consider 'calling out' the person who is infringing on your energy. You can do this in a firm, but yet non-threatening manner. Many offending persons are usually aware, at some level, of their invasion of your energy, and may even respond with a heartfelt apology.

4. Change your Physical Appearance
Is your physical appearance sloppy? If so, it is more likely that your thoughts and actions will also be sloppy. You are a work of art and a living altar, so treat yourself as such by cultivating a neat appearance. The more you focus on precision in your appearance, the quicker you manifest and the more empowered you become. If you are asking to slow down and become more deliberate in your movements, the color blue would be a good choice to add to your wardrobe. Blue carries a 'cooling' frequency and is used in certain indigenous ceremonies for that purpose. On the contrary, if you are needing passion and more energy in your life, wear the color red to stimulate fiery, passionate, 'yang' energy.

5. Explore the Sacred Earth

When you tune into the Earth's sacred spaces, your body will resonate with power and energy, your vibration will automatically be raised, and the Earth itself will clear out your body of other's lower vibratory energies. You don't have to visit something so grand as a Mayan temple to experience this, you can simply go up high on a mountain, visit a river, a lake, or simply be around trees.

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  • Oh I so relate to this post.  I just bought two wigs to keep from cutting my hair all off lol.  I am changing my house around etc.  I am about to redo my altar completely and cleanse it and my whole house again meaning since I did a hurried one before I moved in.  I am clearing out the clutter including people in my life and feeling lighter and feeling better.

    I'm very fem but I got two very short wigs and I mean short to just be able to change my attitude sometimes LOL LOL LOL I do have a tomboy side that I have been surpressing for a while and need to let out for a bit and not hold it back so much.  Set tomboy free!!! lol  I am wanting to live my FULL self and feel the freedom ring ;)

    • Love it!! lol
  • Amazing read. I just a purification of the house and sacred space, however didn't move anything. I'm going to try that that to increase the energy. It so easy to allow space vamps to drain you completely. I need recharging often.
    • Glad you enjoyed my post Casey, and yes you are very right, we can quite easily allow our energy to be sapped if we don't remain vigilant. I always find a good clear out or a change is very therapeutic!

  • I think that is what I will do today, cleanse my home and rearrange my alters. My energy is feeling a bit sluggish and I feel the need for some good energy flow around me. Thank you for the reminder. Clear house, clear mind.

    • Yes I call it clearing out the clutter.  From both the mind and the home.  It sure can make a difference in everything.  It all seems to work better afterwards.

    • Yes I think we all need reminders from time to time, we can get so bogged down with the mundane that we almost forget to attend to the magickal side of things.

      Sending positive energy your way!


  • This is a very good one for me especially right now.  I did change my bedroom/magick room around like I have never had it before in the 8 years I've lived here and the energy is the best ever now in there.  I don't want to leave my room now lol.  It feels so good in there.  While I was going through my depression time I would spend as much time in there as possible and then cleanse it with sage so my down energy wouldn't ruin what was going on in there.  It such good energy it definately is my sacred space. :))

    • I think it is really important to have your own little space to chill out and meditate, somewhere that is just for you!

      Sending love ~M~x

    • Thank you sis.  I'll accept that love as it helps to heal the inside parts :))  I am finally feeling so much better.   whew.

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