Tarot Cards – are a deck of cards consisting of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards.  The Major Arcana cards signify major life events while the Minor Arcana cards give insight into the meanings behind these events.  The Tarot has been used since the 15th century for insight and prophesy.  They are commonly used by clairvoyants when reading a clients future.  These days Tarot cards are readily available for anyone to buy and learn to use for their own personal readings. Using the Tarot involves connecting with your Higher Self and the Universal Wisdom.

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It is a process of shuffling the Tarot deck and then laying out the spread of your choice (all explained in the booklet that accompanies the Tarot deck).  Our own spirit guidance will ensure that the cards we choose give insight into major events we will be facing and guidance to make the appropriate choices when these arise.
Angel Cards - are a deck of cards that work in a similar way to the Tarot.  The difference between the two is that the Angel cards do not consist of Minor and Major Arcana cards, they are simply a deck of cards with messages from the Angels. 
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Ouija Board - is a form of channelling messages from the spirit dimension into our physical world.  The Ouija has been around since the 4th century.  It consists of the letters in the alphabet A-Z written on small pieces of paper which are placed in a semi-circle, the numbers 0 -9 written on small pieces of paper completing the circle.  The word ‘Yes’ is placed up one end of the circle and ‘No’ at the opposite end.  A wine glass is used and placed in the centre of the circle.  Channelling in the name of love and for the highest good of all concerned, and after grounding and protecting yourself from lower energies, you can begin channeling messages from the spirit world.  The glass will move to the letters and numbers that spell out the messages the spirit being wishes to convey.
ouija board
Automatic Writing - is a way of channelling information.  The writer enters a meditative or trance like state allowing spirits from another dimension or their own Higher Self to control the writing tool, whether it be a pen or typewriter etc it does not matter.  Often the writing is very different to the person’s usual writing.  At the end of the Automatic Writing session the writer is often totally unaware of the information they have received and often on reading the text has no knowledge whatsoever of the particular subject.  The language dialect used can be completely different to the writer’s normal vocabulary.

Pendulum is a small symmetrical, evenly weighted object that hangs on a string and can be made of any substance as long as it has these attributes.  The most commonly used Pendulum is the wedding ring on a piece of string, used to tell the sex of an unborn baby.  The Pendulum is a tool used to receive guidance from our Higher Self and our Spirit Guides.  It works by giving yes and no answers to any question asked. The pendulum will circle one direction for a Yes answer and the opposite direction for a No answer. As this guidance is coming from the source of all knowing you can ask anything at all about yourself, even questions regarding your health.

Before starting, as with all channelled work it is advised to ground and protect yourself from unwanted spirit guidance, this is all spirit guidance that is not your own.  You then need to check to see if you are polarized properly (running the correct frequencies for your gender).  This is done by asking a test question such as is my name whatever your name is, then you can ask if your name is something other than your real name, if you get the right answers then you are correctly polarized and can continue. Then you are ready to start.  Ask your pendulum clear direct questions then be sure not to think the answer you want to hear, keep your mind blank.  Don’t ask questions for other people as your guidance may not deliver the correct answer for someone else, if it is regarding another person you need to phrase the question so it is about you.

Runes - are stones or ceramic squares inscribed with the alphabet of either Scandinavian, Germanic or Norse symbols.  The most common runes used today are the Celtic and Nordic Runes. The Runes originated over 1500 years ago in Gothic times.

Like the other psychic tools they are great for answering questions about the future.  Runes can be used similarly to Tarot cards where the person can ask a question then lay the Runes out in a spread of their choice (explained in booklet that accompanies the set of Runes) or alternatively ask a question and then pull a single rune out of the bag for the answer.

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  • Is in this website anyone who knows how to teach incorporation channeling procedures? Any instructions on this?

  • wow so I didn't know that about the pendulum!  That if you are asking for another person that you are suppose to ask as if it were you.  Now that answers some questions I have had in the past lol.  Thanks for some great info as usual :))

    • Yes but remember that this is only a guide, it is not law. All forms of divination are used merely as a tool for ones own psychic abilities and intuition, find out what works best for you and go with it!

      I have also found that each pendulum will work slightly differently so it is wise to sit awhile and get aquanted.

      My hands shake to much for pendulum work, Lol!

    • Try to use a Aura-meter it also works as a pendulum if not more accurate.

    • Thank you, I'll check out that video!

    • That is true  and thank you sis.  Yea I have my shakey days when I can't use one too ha ha especially on too much coffee days lol

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