What is a Spiritual Channel?

A spiritual channel is someone who is able to transmit psychic or spiritual energy into our physical reality. Channelers are people who have learnt to quieten their conscious minds (ego), in order to bring through information and healing from another dimension into our physical world.

This information can be intended for the individual themselves or it can be intended for another person, as in the case of healings and readings. In some instances information has been channelled for the greater good of the world, as per the case of the ‘Abraham Tapes’ channelled by Esther Hicks and the ‘Kryon books’ channelled and written by Lee Carroll. Information is usually received while the ‘Channel’ is either in a meditative or trance state, and the conscious mind is relaxed. Channelling seems to come from 4 main sources, these being The Higher Self, The Soul Level within, The God Energy – the universal or collective unconscious, or Spirit Beings from another plane of consciousness.

In mediumship channelling is used to gain information from someone who has died, in order to give that information to a loved one left behind.

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  • I have always found this to be so interesting and have wanted and yet not wanted to be able to do it .  I have felt fear of some one or some thing entering my body/head and then not wanting to leave lol.  I think that is because of some experiences I've had in the past that some call sleep paralysis but I call something else - hey I'm the one who experienced it I think I know better.

    • Fear of the unknown is very common and quite understandable, a trained psychic knows how to shield unsolicited entities or spirits coming through although some can be tricky!

      Sleep paralysis is a truly horrible experience and only someone who has actually experienced it can understand the true horror of it, so I have every sympathy with you. But you say you think it was something else and not sleep paralysis. what did you think it was...a possesion of some sort?

    • Yes I do.  I was awake and could see eyes looking into mine and totally felt the presense of not just one but many others but just one set of eyes.  I have been nearly murdered before and even it was not as scary as this was Mystic.  I'm not kidding.  I have been in the situation where I literally thought to myself and felt the blood drain down to my feet thought this is how I am going to die and it still wasn't as scary as this...

      I believe that I have been abducted by - I'm going to say it - aliens.  I have some proof but it is only believeable by others who have had the same experience and I have had others repeat the experience in a situation where they in no way possible could know my experience, describe exactly my experience.   LOL I hope that made sense LOL.  And I believe that those times may have something to do with them.  I had them over a long period of time from my youth to my early thirties but after I had a hystorectomy I have never had the experience again - knock on wood.

    • Oh my word, and you carry that around with you, that must be a heavy burden, you need closure on that girl, join some groups and talk to others who have experienced the same or similar. It is not something that i have any expertise in and wouldn't know where to start.

      I have had a very similar experience to what you describe, the being awake and not being awake and the feeling of eyes watching me but i don't believe it was related to alien abduction, I have my own thoughts on that but the subject of a discussion about it would not fit here.

      I have been in many crazy situations in my crazy life and I have been in situations where my life was at risk too, so I understand that fear, having a siuation where you felt more fear than the fear of losing your life is quite shocking to hear and I feel that I just want to hug you and heal your hurts. I wish i could do more!

    • If you have felt that fear Mystic I am so sorry because it is one that you can not describe to anyone else isn't it?  But yes I did feel more fear from those experiences than that fear.  I was soooo scared I would actually - cause I was so afraid I didn't know what else to do when I did break out of it - that I would grab a "bible" and try to just open it and read something anything  to make me feel better.  I mean FEAR!  I do need closure and I don't normally meantion it because nobody believes me lol geez I wonder why lol but if I don't laugh then it gets way too serious for me.  Thank you for your thoughts and no this isn't the place for this topic so I won't go any further with it but thank you for your hugs and caring.  MUAH!

    • You know you can talk to me about anything sis!

      if you need to talk you know where I am, I will always do what I can to help and if I cant help I will guide you to the right people!

      Love and Hugs ~Mystic~x

    • thanks sis I appreciate your thoughts and your heart!!!

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