What is a Psychometry?

Psychometry is the practice of reading the energy of someone or something by holding or touching one of their personal possessions and then tuning into their energy on a psychic level. In this way the person reading the object can pick up psychic impressions regarding the object itself, or the past, present or future of the person who owns or has previously owned the object. Emotional imprints are the most powerfully transmitted imprints, transferred from people or places. psychometry

The older the object being held the more likely you will pick up imprints regarding the object itself, the newer the object the more likely you would be to pick up imprints on the person you are reading for themselves. With personal psychometry you will usually pick up past, present and future concerns of the person.

When seeing the future you are being presented with potential paths that the person could take, the person has choice and free will regarding these paths, nothing is set in concrete until it reaches the physical dimension.

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  • I have always seemed to be empathic, and able to do psychometry, even long before I knew what either thing was.  In my early teens is when I became aware of the empathic abilities, and oddly enough I just accepted it as a part of myself and rolled with it.  Then in my early adulthood, there was a group of us that would meet, each person bringing an item that no one else in the group would have any knowledge of, and much to my surprise, I found that I was pretty good at that as well.  When I moved to NC Solitary Witch became literal since the first place we lived was in a tiny, Bible-thumping, town called Clyde.  Over the past several years, living without any contact with anyone of like mind, except my husband, I have let my abilities "gather dust".  I would love any suggestions of meditation, or spell/energy work that may have helped someone else rekindle the flame of their abilities.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Blessings!

    • I understand totally were you are coming from Rhonda and you are definitely not alone, most Empaths just accept that the feelings they have are just normal and everyone has them. As a child I was very empathic, especially towards animals, I simply could not understand how people could be cruel to animals or how they could be so unaffected about the plight of farmed animals, zoo animals etc. as I literally felt their pain and fear, it was only as I got older I realised that not everyone felt the way I did.

      Psychometry is also something that most empaths just seem to take for granted as normal, and why wouldn't we, it is who we are. For someone who has had their abilities suppressed (and there are many) Psychometry can come as a bit of a shock. It is a sad fact that when children talk about their empathic feelings they are told they are being silly or over sensitive and are told to toughen up etc, this can lead to suppressed emotions and can, in my opinion, surface later as depression or even hyper activity. Someone who as a child has experienced this suppressive upbringing won't necessarily understand the feelings or thoughts that they receive when they handle an item that is giving out energy and may become distraught or over excited and this can then be perceived by those around them as a mental health issue.

      I don't think it would take much to rekindle your gifts, you can never lose them, only suppress them.

      Meditation is probably the best way to get back into the groove but it is quite a personal thing so I would just go with whatever you were most comfortable with and also I would recommend meditating whilst holding objects and just look into your minds eye and see what develops.....

      Stay blessed sister!



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