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Let us share our energy in this group, I know most of us are solitary practitioners but if we collectively put our energies into this group there is nothing we cannot accomplish, so if anyone needs our help let us ask for it here so we can start working together and raise the energy to help heal our fellow brothers and sisters.

Many blessings to you all and I hope you will join us.

Much love and light to all.

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  • Love and healing sent for Mystic - Let healing Happen and may the divine goddess channel healing life force energy to bless her healing in the physical mental and and immortal body spirit and soul and bring back lifeforce energy

    blessings filled with love
  • Mystic pagan is now out of the hospital and in a care facility, wanting to just go home! It's a miracle she's still with us! I was so scared as were her children and hubby! Thanks for all you do family!
  • Healing, prayers, and energy to Mystic. And all in need. Blessings always!
    • Dear Mystic, may you be well. I will light a candle for you. xoxoxoxox
  • Blessings and healing being sent to you Toni my dear dear friend. I'm so sorry to hear this. I am with you my sister.
  • Healing love and light for Mystic! She made it through surgery yet is in a great deal of pain and confused but suspect it is due to the surgery! Please join me in sending healing her way! She is in a hospital in Edinburgh Scotland! Healing will take some time but we can help! Thanks everyone!
  • Sending love, peace and healing light her way!
    I am for MMJ therapy, I am on it. I use only the edibles and lotion. I am also going through menopause and sleep was something that didn't happen often, I am thrilled to sleep at least 6 hours a night. Definitely something to consider but it isn't legal everywhere.
  • Recieved with gratitude and humbleness my dear friend!

    And sent back with love...........

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