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Welcome to *Magickal Moon*

The Moon is the closest heavenly body to Earth and it has a profound effect on all living things.

It has always been associated with magick and mystery and it is because of this mystery that surrounds it that the Moon holds a certain fascination for everybody.

Who can help but be riveted by the beauty of a full Moon or that magickal time when the new Moon appears like a silver cresent hanging so serenely in the night sky with stars twinkling around it. The light of the Moon seems to contain a magick all of its own, yet something that we all wish to share in, the allure of the Moon has a place in our hearts, as it did in the hearts of our ancestors before us, and although there are both Gods and Goddesses associated with it, the Moon has, since the beginning of time, been worshiped and revered as the Mother Goddess with feminine energy surounding her, as opposed to the sun which is seen as masculine.

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