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  • Hello friend, lovely to see you here, I actually thought everyone was going to abandon me when I migrated over to this new platform as I know it isn't very popular, especially with those who like to customise their own pages.....i am working on it though!

  • I have not been around much either. My life is turning up side down lately.

    Trying to get thing under control and back up to snuff.  Hope you are doing better with ?   hope to chat with you soon.

    Dark Blessings  LV

  • Thank you Blue Moon for the friend's request. Havn't been on anywhere blessed be you and yours!!

  • You're welcome, Blue Moon... ^_^ Blessed Be! )O(

  • Hahaha,Melodie,you definitely made my day with this your sweet last comment...Lots of blessings,my friend,hope to talk to you more often,from now on...:))

  • Thanks,you've taught me something new today,with this code...:)) It's embarrassing,being so...ignorant,as I
    Hope,I got it right,and it helps you...:)) Blessings!

  • We are not friends,I can't message to you privately...:)) Anyway,here is it...:))

    Start Code
    #xg_sitename { visibility: hidden; }#xg_sitedesc { visibility: hidden; }
    #xj_StatusAndShareLink{ display:none; }
    #xn_bar_menu_search { visibility: hidden; }
    #xn_bar_menu_tabs { visibility: hidden; }select.quickpost { display:none!important; }
    #welcome {
    display:none !important

    /* Hello Box: Adjusting height to see more of the background image) */ .account-links {
    height: 190px;
    /* Hello Box Background */
    #xg_module_account {
    background: transparent url( no-repeat;
    scroll 0 0;
    background-position: center 80px;
    color: #ffffff;

    border:6px ridge #2b412a;

This reply was deleted.
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