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  • Hi Toni - thanks for you reply... maybe you could join us in India - just an idea - Atheya is a very beautiful place of healing... only medicines you are given are herbs and ayurvedic treatments under the care of specialist drs. I can send you information if you are interested. Pachakama is a complete detox - that aims to detox the digestive system and bring the whole body back into balance. Anyway food for thought. November is a way off .. But it would be a great excuse to meet up too. -  so I plant the seed and hope that is lands in fertile grounds . - and mean while I will send you gentle love and hope that you have more good days and that wellness returns. 


  • Hi Toni - Hope you are keeping well and that you have had a return to wellness since I last posted here. It has been a long time since I was here. I miss you and the group here. I see you have been quiet too... so I do hope you get to read this. Patricia and I are very happy that the Australian Govt have finally passed legistlation for same sex marriage so we are looking forward to celebrating our union. We are now living in Perth which is great as I get to see my Dad each week. He is 91 and still living at home alone..:) would love to hear from you ... we are going to go to India in November and will do an Ayurvedic Pachakarma detox at Athreya. We did a short version last November so this time we are going for the 14 days and if we can save the money will do the full 21 days.

    We are still running expos and looking at bringing a tour to India just prior to the Detox retreat. Sending love and gentle hugs from me to you ...Jacquie

    aka Cara

  • Hello, Toni!  Yes!  I am that Amythyst Raine!  I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog at (Magickal Connections).  And I'm happy that everything worked out for you. :)

  • So here's a different one!

  • Hmmmm, don't know what happened to my graphic! lol.

  • So glad you are doing well generally sister.  xoxox

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